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My taste with Argentine Tango first started with a few drop in classes to a married couple teaching the dance at a local university in Boston. At the time I was into learning lindy hop and wanted to branch out a bit and dance something else as a break. Unfortunately I did not learn much at all from those classes since there was a great gender and age imbalance and continually dancing with 60+ year old men wasn’t appealing to me in my mid 20s. I continued on with lindy but kept tango in the back of my mind.

Skip a few years to the present and I’m living in NYC. I wasn’t dancing lindy anymore, although I was dancing a lot – mostly inside of random warehouses in Brooklyn to house and techno music; I genuinely enjoy dancing and it’s one of my primary creative outlets. I got the urge to try to learn partner dancing again, and was able to find a really good instructor in my neighborhood. I took a few of her classes and was hooked. It was actually fortunate that her class attracted a mix of people of all ages, as I was to find out later that there are a number of tango classes around the city that were much more on the older side of dancers which may have initially turned me off. Not to say I won’t dance with older people (I dance with them all the time now in practicas and other classes, and a lot of them have decades of experience and are way better dancers than me), but as a baby tango newb it would be less than appealing to have everyone in your class be double your age.

At the time of this writing I’m roughly 4-5 months into seriously learning tango. It’s the toughest dance I’ve learned, and I believe ultimately it will be very fulfilling once I’m able to grasp all its concepts and be able to express myself and my partner to the music. I hope you enjoy following me along on my journey.

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