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This page will be continually updated with my long term and short term tango goals (Updated 02/25/2020):

Long Term:

  • To have a large enough vocabulary to express myself to the music without thinking.
  • To have a solid connection and embrace with all partners I dance with.
  • To have a wide understanding of tango music so I have a master of the musicality of the dance.
  • To make my partners enjoy every dance and have it even be challenging (in a not boring sense) for the advanced dancers.
  • Be able to watch most (if not all) tango videos, and be able to know what’s going on and also easily dance the same figures.
  • Change the tango scene, make it less cliquish/snobby/elitist.

Short Term:

  • Stop side stepping and rock stepping so much.
  • Pay more attention to the follower’s footwork when entering/exiting a molinette.
  • Better posture: Keep my head and spine straight, and my left elbow not flared out.
  • Landing sacadas on front ochos better.
  • Make barridas smooth and less awkward.
  • Be more with the follow during giros.
  • Learn cadenas (they look cool!)
  • Work on disassociation – having torso and hips face different directions
  • Dance to the beat.
  • Be more comfortable walking/dancing on the dark side.
  • Use cross system more
  • Learn to get into cross system comfortably by double stepping.
  • Dance comfortably to milonga music.
  • Have more intent in the moves, even if the footwork is fumbled if the intent is there the follower will recognize the lead.
  • I tend to rush sometimes, need to collect my feet and brush my knees when walking more consistently.
  • Learn those hip swivel pivot things (they also look cool!)
  • Be more comfortable with doing all the equivalent moves in close embrace.
  • Be better with double time / syncopated steps
  • Dance more comfortably in milongas with very limited space.